How Boraie Development Is Breathing New Life Into Atlantic City’s Housing Sector

Arguably the New Jersey real estate market is among the most Innovative in the country. Many people might not associate New Jersey with a bustling and thriving real estate market but they definitely should. Parts of the state including cities such as New Brunswick have undergone a total transformation over the last few decades from being areas that were not at the front of mind of young professionals to now being cities that have many options for up-and-coming and emerging professionals and other kinds of residents to choose to live. Some of the most significant changes in the local real estate market in New Jersey can be contributed to one of the biggest players in New Jersey’s real estate industry. That player is a family-owned company that is known as Boraie Development LLC. For more details visit



Boraie Development LLC is led by its founder Omar Boraie who started his company by developing an interest in the housing market. Omar Boraie set his company apart by providing a vision for what was once the lackluster real estate market in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The city’s bustling and bright downtown likely would not be a reality without Omar Boraie’s vision. Prior to Omar Boraie founding his company New Brunswick was a city that did not have some of the curb appeal of other cities in the region such as New York City. Fortunately for New Jersey the Boraie family wasn’t done after they helped to usher in the transformation of New Brunswick. Boraie Development LLC has now set its sights on other development projects across the state of New Jersey. For example according to the publication The Press of Atlantic City Boraie Development LLC is involved in a housing project that is based in Atlantic City. The development project that Boraie development is involved in is known as the beach at South Inlet project. Check out Press of Atlantic City to see more.


According to the Press of Atlantic City the project will transform the skyline of Atlantic City and likely breathe some new life into the city which is grappling with some hits to the casino industry there. Evidently there have not been many initiatives in Atlantic City with regard to the construction of new residential units. However the project that Boraie Development LLC is working on in Atlantic City should put a change to this. Much of the housing that is available to current and potential residents of Atlantic City was built more than four decades ago. The development project happening at the behest of Boraie Development LLC will provide some fresh housing options to anyone who is looking for luxury housing in the Atlantic City area.



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Todd Lubar and the Internet Generation

In 1995 when Mr. Todd Lubar, now an accomplished Baltimore based real estate investor, graduated from Syracuse University, the internet was practically brand new. It was hard to say if it was just a fad or the new big thing. Today, there is no question that it was not just a big thing, but it was also a game changer. The impact of the internet on society will be something which only future generations will be able to put into perspective. Today we are still caught up in the whirlwind of change which the World Wide Web has set in motion. The first generation to grow up with the internet is the millennials, also known as the internet generation.


Mr. Todd Lubar has always had an appreciation for innovation. So the recent developments springing from the fountain of technology called the internet did not catch him off guard. He knew that the internet of things (IoT) was here and it would only be a matter of time before the smart home devices which had hit the market first as novelties would eventually become standard features in every new home. His intuition inspired him to begin making IoT upgrades standard features in the properties he was putting on the market.


Mr. Lubar’s company, TDL Global Ventures, buys distressed properties and gives them a complete makeover. Often they look like new homes following the renovations. By adding smart home features to his projects, Mr. Lubar has attracted the attention of the millennials who have been flocking to Baltimore recently. Many prefer the “Charm City” because it is close to the nation’s capital, yet they can avoid the high cost of Washington, D.C. housing. The millennials love IoT devices in their homes. It gives the resident of the house the ability to control things such as temperature, lighting, even the shades directly from a smartphone. For more details visit Inspirery


As for the future, Todd Lubar says that IoT is only in its infancy. If you fast forward 30 years, smart homes are all you would find. By 2025 millennials are projected to be 75 percent of the workforce. Those people will want high-tech dwellings also. With no shortage of foreclosures and other distressed properties in and around Baltimore, Mr. Lubar will be a very busy man for the foreseeable future. You can visit his Instagram page to know more.



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Under Tony Petrello’s leadership, Nabors Industries creates best drills in world

For people in the state of Alaska, the name Nabors Industries sparks feelings of intense loyalty and nostalgia. Perhaps no other company in the state’s history has contributed more to individual Alaskan citizens than Nabors Industries. Through its development of the Prudhoe Bay oil fields on the North Slope of Alaska, Nabors Industries has contributed mightily to the state’s coffers and to the general state of its economic prosperity.

However, in the contiguous 48 states, Nabors Industries slowly begin to lose its brand luster throughout the decades of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Throughout this era, the company was badly mismanaged, eventually leading to its insolvency and bankruptcy in 1988. While in receivership, the company began the search for the right man to lead it out of bankruptcy and into the 21st century. They found him in Tony Petrello, a mergers and acquisitions attorney with the firm Baker McKenzie, who had been working on a number of aspects of the bankruptcy case.

Under Petrello’s leadership, the company began to take a different tack. Petrello began focusing on the development of high-tech directional drilling equipment and other equipment that would be able to tap into the market for hard oil extraction. Throughout North America, there were many reserves of oil that had been, until that time, completely left alone. The reason for this was simple. They were viewed as economically unviable. The extreme difficulty of reaching oil reserves within deep shale deposits was simply too much to justify the cost of the equipment.

But Nabors Industries began to change that. With its Sundowner drilling rig, Nabors Industries enabled sites to be set up and torn down within 24 hours, leading to massive flexibility that had never been seen before. Technology such as this has paved the way for the extraction of North American shale and tar sands oil resources.

These are just some of the things that Petrello has done to prove his merit as CEO of one of the country’s largest oil extraction and drilling equipment firms.


Todd Lubar, The President Of TDL And A Model Of Success

Todd Lubar is a businessman that quickly grew to success and is the founder of a company named TDL Global Ventures, where he is the President and provides loan for people that are looking for a way to grow. He is also Vice President at Legendary Investments, a company that manages investments and financial strategies.

Ranked on Yelp among the top 25 mortgage originators in the country for more than one consecutive year, He has worked in the real estate industry and as in the financial management office since his starting position at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995, and stayed there for four years. Here, he began acquiring knowledge in the mortgage banking field right after he graduated. Todd attended the Syracuse University and graduated in speech communication.

Todd Lubar says to have the philosophy of surrounding himself with people that bring him to his limits and promote success and growth. He is passionate about helping his community, friends and the companies he has worked on in achieving their goals.

According to About.Me, his company, TDL Global Ventures, began as an idea that became a reality after 20 years working in the industry. This fact shows very carefully his quote of how people can have as many ideas as they want, but if they don’t make them happen, then those ideas aren’t worth much. His experience with mortgage banking and finances led him to the foundation of his dream company, the TDL.

He is a very techy guy, as he enjoys how technology is advancing in a way that you can control simple functions of your house with the push of a button, including opening and close the curtains and turn on and off the ceiling fan. He also has some cameras in his house for added security, as he is the father of two children, a boy, and a girl.

One of the biggest advices to anyone is to pay close attention to what people you bring to your circle of influence and intimacy. Todd also says that he wouldn’t have gotten where he is if he wasn’t as organized and dedicated. The dedication doesn’t only come from him though, as he surrounds himself with people that push him forward every day.