EOS Lip Balm: Why Is It So Different?

EOS, or the Evolution of Smooth, is a radically different lip balm than the thousands of lip balms on the market. To explain why, it’s important to know why women wear lip balm. They either have very dry lips and need the moisture, like the feeling of the product on their lips or add some color with a tinted lip balm. When you first apply lip balm, your lips usually feel great. Unfortunately, most lip balms have petroleum as an ingredient. What’s so bad about that, you ask? Petroleum lubricates the lips with oil and softens the lips at first. However, it then absorbs the natural oils present, so you have to continually apply the product.

EOS lip balm is different, because it does not contain petroleum. It’s filled with essential oils and beeswax, which works to replace the moisture, instead of absorbing it. Therefore, you’ll get long term results.

Lip balms can be found in drugstores such as Racked and Ulta, basically everywhere, and it seems like every beauty company has their own version. The founders of EOS, Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, wanted to create a lip balm that stood apart from the rest. Using their own capital, they began by realizing the reasons why women use it, and then, had to figure out how to make it different. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm

What they found was that women enjoy the sensory experience in the application of lip balms, so they focused on all five senses, including the look and packaging of the product. The results of their hard work became widely accepted to the point where they have become an industry leader, and was featured on Fast Company. EOS Lip Balm currently dominates the lip balm retail market and are now reaping the rewards of their tremendous success.


Kate Hudson for Fabletics

Marie Claire wrote an article about Kate Hudson and her wildly successful business Fabletics. Fabletics is a hybrid leisure athletic wear brand. The company just celebrated its third year in business and is currently operating with $250 million dollars in profits. Hudson discusses how being apart of startup company can be quite a risk and she can’t believe the level of success her company has reached in such a short amount of time.

Fabletics almost became an overnight success. This put a lot of pressure on the new business. Hudson said there was a huge learning curve and you have to learn quickly how to keep up with demand. Three years in and she feels the company finally has gotten the swing of things. Hudson is the founder of the company on adweek.com and is also obviously a celebrity. She discusses the challenges of being in the spotlight and scrutinize and a celebrity while also trying to run a large company with over 1400 members.

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Even though Fabletics has grown tremendously since its founding three years ago, it still relies on its core values for guidance. They pride themselves on being all-inclusive and having a product for everyone. This year alone they decided to expand the sizing of their clothing to accommodate more women of different shapes and sizes. Another factor to the company’s success on YouTube is that Kate Hudson is truly apart of the team. She made it her mission to surround herself with people she truly wanted on her team.

Fabletics is a company that was founded by celebrity Kate Hudson. Fabletics offers high quality and affordable athletic and leisure wear for women of all shapes and sizes. The company prides itself on being all inclusive. The clothing is very stylish and a fraction of the price of other name brand athletic lines at https://twitter.com/fabletics.

Athleisure Is Making Casual Gym Clothes Look Good Again

Forbes has taken a look at how athleisure is making casual gym clothes look good again. There was a time when women would go to and from the gym without wearing any of their gym clothes outside because it was embarrassing. New brands like Fabletics on fabletics.ca are changing that, and now everyone is getting in on the act.

Athleisure is a whole new classification of clothing that women will love because it helps them look good even though they are just to the gym or going shopping. Kate Hudson started Fabletics with the idea of athleisure because she wanted it to be easy to get dressed for the gym. Now everyone is copying her style in their own clothes. Kate Hudson can be seen magazines wearing these easy clothes, and she is still at the forefront of the industry.

Companies like Nike and Luluemon are making sure that they create their own versions of athleisure by giving women bright colors to wear, and the clothes can be paired with other pieces to look nice when women leave the gym.

There are also women who are making sure that they can be presentable if they have to go out in public after they go to the gym or just before. Athleisure allows these women to look good in nice tops and dresses that they can change out of in the gym in a few seconds. Kate Hudson said that she wanted Fabletics to be easy to use, and these other brands are doing the same thing.

Athleisure is the easiest way for any woman to dress because it lets her be casual without doing any work to look good. The clothes look nice, but no woman has to worry about looking strange. She can wear the clothes to the gym, change easily and head out to dinner. These clothes are the new every day standard for women who want to look chic without trying.