Infinity Group Australia, Your Peronal Trainer for Financial Fitness

Infinity Group Australia, as its name patently suggest is a company based in Australia, that was created on the theory that better financial results in the area of mortgage loans may be achieved with the assistance of a personal broker than without the aid of one. Graeme Holm, the director of Infinity Group Australia, transfers the personal trainer concept from the context of the gym to the financial context, firmly believing that with the support and guidance of a personal broker, those who have taken out mortgage loans will be able to pay back their loans in a significantly shorter period of time than without the assistance of a person broker. Before a personal broker is assigned to the client, a thorough probe is conduct into the client’s household expenses and the family’s needs and wants. After the probe is completed, a budget for essential expenses is created to limit the client’s spending to only the bare essentials. Then, a personal broker is assigned to the client to provide him or her with support and guidance throughout the process of mortgage repayment. Aside from assigning a personal broker to their clients, Infinity Group Australia also issues performance reports to their clients so that the clients may assess whether or not goals are being met. If they are not, modifications may be made so as to remedy the setback. This support and guidance provide by Infinity Group Australia via their personal broker have proved to be highly effective in the repayment of mortgage loans, with clients of Infinity Group Australia repaying their mortgage loans back in only 7-10 years rather than the typical 30 years, validating Graeme Holm’s innovative mortgage repayment approach. Graeme Holm has logged well over 17 years in the financial services industry before establishing Infinity Group Australia, a company that has quickly expanded from having only one location in 2013 to now having five locations in various cities in Australia, which is a testament to the company’s ability to significantly shorten mortgage repayment time. Infinity Group Australia is also the proud winner of an award for their superb customer service. Learn more :