The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship

High school seniors in Brooklyn, New York, will have an opportunity to win a scholarship that is only available to local students. It is called the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. To apply for the scholarship, students in their final year of high school should write a 1000-word essay explaining how the scholarship will help them with their careers. Keith Mann and Keely Mann are joined by Uncommon Schools to help organize the scholarship implementation.

The scholarship will help Brooklyn-area students attend and graduate from college. It will be especially useful to low-income students who would not otherwise be able to attend college. Keith Mann is a philanthropist and wants to help students through education assistance. The deadline for applications to be turned in for the scholarship is Feb. 29, 2016. The winner of the scholarship will be announced one month later. The awarded student will have $5000 to assist with college course payments.

Uncommon Schools runs charter public schools in the Brooklyn area. One student from this area per year will receive the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. Uncommon Schools also runs charter schools in Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. His company finds talented individuals and places them within businesses where they can excel. Keith works with hedge fund companies, private equity firms and alternative investment companies.

GoFundMe Reaches Smile, Courtesy of Weisfogal

Avi Weisfogal, the legendary dentist of New Jersey, recently announced his GoFundMe project with the Operation Smile as the final destination of all the funds collected. The latter organization is a massive charity project that began in 1982, courtesy of Bill Magee as well as Kathy Magee, with the aim to help the children all around the world for the surgeries upon congenital structural defects of the face, such as cleft lips. Apart from lip defects, the cleft palate defects are also very common. Weifogal has set a huge target of $2000 for his GoFundMe campaign.

This is not the first time Avi Weisfogal has been in focus for the media. For New Jersey, he is the master dentist with a revolutionary mind. In his early days, Avi studied at Rutgers University, later moving to New York for DDS.

Ever since he became a dentist, Avi has been interested in problems of apnea and the contributing factors. Unfortunately, apnea has not been taken as seriously as it should have been in the past years. Avi Weisfogel realized that it could have drastic effects on the behavior of a person and in turn the efficiency of work performance. Being a man who dealt with oral perfection, he came to a conclusion that one of the most important and common contributing factors for apnea are the defects in the development of the various structures of the face. He has already been conducting seminars to put forward his hypotheses and seek solutions, and to emphasize that apnea is a correctable disorder that should be corrected.

The GoFundMe idea is the result of the same philanthropic thinking that inspired Weisfogal to work through organizations he had himself established for the control of apnea. According to Avi, Operation Smile is a highly efficient and successful charity organization and therefore, would put the money to good use.  At an age of only 34 years (approximately), the organization has conducted 220,000 operations for the facial defects of children completely free of charges. The organization brings together philanthropists from all over the world. At present, it proudly lists people who have come forward to help the children from 80 different countries.

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