Adam Milstein Has Created The Donor Forum To Help Pro-Israeli Organizations Secure The Funding They Need Quickly

Adam Milstein is an investor and pro-Israeli activist who has done quite a bit for Jewish Americans. He has also worked with Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate company, for many years and has served the company as a sales agent as well as a managing partner. Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli American Council (IAC) in 2007 in the city of Los Angeles and now serves as the organization as its national chairman of the board.

Over the years, Adam Milstein has helped to grow the IAC so that it now has twelve regional councils in different parts of the U.S.A. He also co-founded the Milstein Family Foundation with this wife, Gila, and has done a lot to help the Jewish American community through the foundation. Milstein has worked very hard to further the goals of these organizations and as nonprofits, the most challenging part has been securing the funding needed to continue their work. Adam Milstein and his wife not only donate plenty of money to pro-Israel organizations, but they have also donated a lot of their time.

Adam Milstein created the Donor Forum in order to quicken the process of finding funding. The Forum works by letting organizations present their cases in just 15 minutes during a lunch and helps to personally connect philanthropists with the organizations they wish to help. The Donors Forum requires its members to donate at least $10,000 a year to the causes they choose, and any organization that wishes to make a pitch to receive funding from donors must pass a pre-screening first. This ensures that the organizations that the Donor Forum works with are legitimate.

One benefit of being a part of the Donor Forum is that organizations can find out if they will receive funding very quickly. This allows them to get back to the work they are normally focused on. There are many different organizations and presenters who work with the Donor Forum, and a couple of these include JLens and the Reservists on Duty. As a pioneer, Adam Milstein and others are now wondering if anyone else will follow in the footsteps of the Donor Forum to create something similar.

Why George Soros’ Philanthropy Has Become A Target Of The Extreme Right-Wing

Over the course of the last several years, George Soros has made the second biggest transfer of personal wealth to a philanthropy in history. He has provided $18 billion of his fortune to his nonprofit called Open Societies Foundation. According to extreme right-wing conspiracy theorists, though, he is somehow using this money to fund every liberal movement that exists. He has been cited as the source of funding for both the Antifa movement and Black Lives Matter, for example, despite no evidence showing this to be the case.

Open Societies Foundation is a charity that George Soros founded in order to support human rights and democracy around the world. His money is used by the foundation to have people work on fair and democratic elections, for example. It is also used to make sure everyone’s rights are protected regardless of race, age, sex, or sexual orientation. Since the election of Trump as president, George Soros’ nonprofit has increasingly worked to make sure the rights of people in America are respected by those in positions of authority, such as the rights of immigrants.

As George Soros is one of the top providers of money to Democratic candidates he comes under fire from Republicans. They think that billionaires should only be giving money to them, apparently, and so they become completely irrational when George Soros’ name is brought up. This primarily started during the presidential election 0f 2002 when incumbent president Gorge Bush was running against John Kerry. For a host of reasons, but especially the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Soros had said that he’d be perfectly happy to give away his entire fortune if it resulted in Bush losing.

Once people learned that George Soros had given his foundation $18 billion his opponents, such as Breitbart, said that his foundation was the new “Death Star”. The partisan divide is enormous in the United States presently and both sides tend to paint the other sides financial donors as evil. However, George Soros’ philanthropy is to help others while those billionaires that support Republicans, such as Robert Mercer and the Koch brothers, just want to benefit their own interests by and large.

Back in 1997, George Soros wrote an article for The Atlantic called “The Capitalist Threat”. The article was a treatise about capitalism and how many people would say, “Let the free market decide!” regardless of the issue. He pointed out that this attitude was actually against the values and principals of what democratic and open societies rely upon. In the article he also talks about “open societies” vs. “closed societies. An open society, he wrote tolerates everyone’s opinions and human rights are respected. A closed society, on the other hand, dismisses the rights of its citizens and others and is run in a totalitarian fashion.

In the last 30 years, George Soros’s foundation has provided around $14 billion to various causes across the globe. This money has been used for everything from funding college scholarships in Africa to giving anti-communists copying machines so they could spread their word.

About George Soros:

George Soros’ History of Progress

George Soros can point to a specific point in time during which he developed the foundation for the values he has today. Born in Hungary, George Soros and his family were there when Nazis invaded the country and occupied their very homes for a full year. Over that year more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews would be personally and horrifically killed by the Nazi party. Soros and his family were lucky to escape and emigrate to London. During that formative year Soros saw first hand what the dangers of blind nationalism can do to a country and how it can effect innocent people. Now, George Soros is a champion of the people and one of the most prolific and progressive billionaires in the world. Let’s dig deeper into the person that Soros has become.

At 87 years old George Soros has not slowed down at all, despite the enormous burden he has worked under for the past half of a century. After leaving Hungary and emigrating to London George Soros would spend years working multiple jobs, focusing on paying his way through school at the London School of Economics. Here George Soros would read the works of Karl Popper in the title, ‘Open Society and Its Enemies’. Combined with his already negative views toward blind passionate nationalism, Soros came to embrace the world view of an open society that focuses on elevating everyone within it. This obviously put Soros at odds with the notion of capitalism and that led him to pen an intricate op-ed for the Atlantic which detailed the very threats of capitalism.

Outside of his thoughts on capitalism George Soros has spent the vast majority of his life focusing on spreading his progressive ideals around the world. Soros started up the Open Society Foundations in 1979 and since then he has been working non-stop. Over the past 30+ years the Open Society Foundations has donated over $12 billion to countries that were deeply in need. Soros has given back to South Africans who struggled through apartheid. He worked in the ’80s with the Communist Eastern Bloc and he has also helped the Roma people. Most of all Soros knows that in order for society to progress we must all be in it together. That is why he’s worked so steadfastly toward spreading equality, education, and transparent governing wherever he could.

Now in the United States George Soros is making a name for himself as a powerful Democratic donor. As one of the wealthiest progressives in the world Soros is the donation spigot that liberals need in order to stay competitive with the free-spending Republican party. George Soros has stepped up in unique opposition to Donald Trump’s disastrous presidency.

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