Cameron Clokie is Changing the Face of Reconstructive Surgery in Canada

Cameron Clokie is a working scientist, maxillofacial surgeon, and a serial entrepreneur. He was highly involved in clinical practice and academic dentistry spanning across three decades. Read more: Cameron Clokie Speaks to Regenerative Medicine

Cameron Clokie’s most recent achievements include being named as a Head of Oran in Maxillofacial Surgery back in 1998 and through his service as a Maxillocafacial Surgery Professor of Oral at the University of Toronto, up until retiring from his position in academics in 2017.

Aside from these types of accomplishments, Cameron Clokie is also the CEO at Induce Biologies, Inc. This is where he does much of his research in the regenerative field, due to the company being involved in the regenerative medicine industry.

His main focus as a maxillofacial surgeon is on finding and employing innovative solutions for reconstruction of the musculoskeletal form. Cameron Clokie has also held positions on numerous Canadian medical and scientific advisory boards.

A successful literary professional, he has had many papers published and has experience holding plenty of presentations for his colleagues and others, on a local and national basis, on the subject of bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine.

He has been able to successfully use his currently held 25 patents to go through with innovative procedures to help his patients in relation to bone healing. This includes teaming up with big names in the game and creating an enterprise that will improve the way surgeons perform musculoskeletal procedures and surgeries for years to come. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

One such patient who has seen major improvement under the hand of Cameron Clokie would be the 60-year old gardener, Peter Russell. Russell had been missing seven centimeters along the bottom right portion of his jaw, due to a benign tumor he had removed back in 2003. He now has a young jowl line and it is not at all synthetic.

In fact, he grew the tissue back on his own using a new procedure that will likely change the face of facial reconstructive surgery in the future. He is one of a select few patients in Canada who have undergone a special procedure delevoped by Cameron Clokie, where the tissue is grown back, rather than replaced with tissue from a different part of the body.