The Courageous Yeonmi Park


Yeonmi Park is a courageous individual with a dramatic life story. Now in her twenties, Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea. Although the government North Korea was and is a brutal dictatorship, Park’s family enjoyed relative privilege when she was young because her father was a government official, and she has many happy memories of her earliest years. Then, her father fell out of political favor. The family had to endure the same misery as ordinary North Koreans and even had to eat grass and insects in order to survive during food shortages.

Park and her mother fled into China, but their situation did not improve, and they were forced into the sex slavery. Again, Park escaped, this time to South Korea, where she became a human rights activist. She courageously spoke out against the tyrannical regime of dictator Kim Jong-un and did what she could to let the world understand how bad conditions in North Korea truly are for most people. She talked about the food shortages, lack of personal freedoms and government intrusions into the lives of North Korean citizens, and she made many in the western world aware of the falseness of North Korean propaganda.

The North Korean government is reported by NK News to struck back with a smear campaign designed to make Yeonmi Park look like a liar, but this strategy has not been effective. Park continues to advocate tirelessly for her fellow North Koreans still trapped in that country and has traveled widely on the university lecture circuit giving talks and presentations. Yeonmi Park has not been intimidated by North Korean threats, lies, and false personal attacks aimed at her character.