Securus Technologies Reshapes Crime Prevention Through Advanced Technology

Securus Technologies is massively associated with the inmate’s communications industry. The company serves public safety and corrections agencies in America. Often has Securus been linked to the development of revolutionary technological gadgets that have been used to promote security. For Securus Technologies, it all boils down to competent service delivery in crime prevention.


Background information


Securus Technologies is geographically located in Dallas, Texas. The company is vastly receiving positive feedback in regards to service delivery in law enforcement industry. In 2016, the inmate communications provider was elated to release some of the client’s reviews concerning satisfactory service delivery. From its loyal clients, Securus Technologies arrived at a conclusion that most clients were pleased by the company’s efforts. The latest crime prevention in addition to solutions technology has assisted multiple clients in solving crime.


  • A correctional agency was proud to announce that Securus Technologies was helpful in incriminating an offender through a search warrant.
  • Another client reported that Securus Technologies was helpful in tracking calls. The collected information was used to establish and prevent illegal activities. Some of the activities included selling drugs and assets.




From the feedback, it is evident that Securus Technologies has been thriving on its ability to provide safety measures to the corrections agency. Until now, the company has received numerous awards with the BBB Accredited being its major success story. Thanks to the effort of the company’s officials, Securus Technologies continues to thrive in excellence.


The Dallas – based institution is driven by the need to challenge its competitors by generating revolutionary gadgets for communication. Conclusively, Securus Technologies has been relying on its stable technology platform to satisfy its clients.


How Our Jail is Drug Free Thanks to Securus Technologies

Saying our jail is free of drugs might be going a little out on a limb, but compared to the way things were only a year ago, we have certainly gotten a good hold on how we deal with contraband in the jail. I am part of a crew of corrections officers who were brought in to this jail a year ago because drugs were simply out of hand in the jail. Inmates would even comment that they had easier access to the drugs here in the jail than when they were roaming the streets. That simply was not going over well with our superiors.


We tried to ramp up our inceptions at the visitor center, even stiffening the punishment if anyone was caught trying to smuggle drugs to the inmates. The trouble here is that many people on the street do not fear jail in fact, they feel like they are earning credibility with their brothers when they take these drastic measures. Even when we ramped up cell inspections, we were only finding the drugs the inmates wanted us to find in the hopes we would simply leave them alone.


After Securus Technologies installed our new inmate call system, me and my fellow corrections officers were able to fight the war on drugs in our jail on a new front. In the past we could monitor the calls, but the inmates were clever in keeping certain things out of the conversations. Now, the LBS software we all were trained on helps us to identify certain conversations that are focused around drugs.


Since we began using the new Securus Technologies call system, we have all but eliminated how the inmates get drugs in through the visitor center. They suspect a rat, but they are giving us the information we need without them even realizing it.

Richard A. Smith’s Inventiveness Pilots Securus Technologies to High Levels of Excellence in The Telecoms Sphere

Richard Smith famously referred to as Rick by his close business acquaintances has had a mixed career of tough challenges, and unprecedented successes in the telecom industry. Presently serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Securus Technologies, he has set the company on a trajectory of vertical growth and expansion through innovative strategic stability measures. The undisputed provider of state-of-the-art technological solutions to correctional institutions, the company has a history of continuously scaling up the services it offers. Under the stewardship of Mr. Smith, Securus has been on the forefront of releasing new proposals for service and product development every week to keep pace with the rapid transformations in the manufacturing landscape.

The exceptionally skilled technician has had a long and colorful career in various companies in the telecoms sector. He has been a dedicated and competent high-level executive whose excellent service-oriented captaincy has brought unparalleled prosperity to several blue-chip firms in the telecommunication industry. From as early as 1972 when he was the Vice President of Procurements for Midwest Telephone Operations, Ricky has held many other executive responsibilities as the Vice President of Financial Management at Frontier Corp, the Director of Business Development and President of Frontier Information Technologies, Network Plant Operations Director, and Senior Controller.

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From 2000 to 2003 he was the President at Eschelon Telecom Inc., and through careful planning, he quickly ascended through the ranks to the position of Director in 2008 before becoming the Chairman a short while later in 2009. Presently he is the CEO and President of Securus Technologies. The greatest achievement he has brought to the company is making it an undisputed champion of minimizing social problems through crime prevention and monitoring techniques. Creation of capable devices that can monitor, investigate, and solve complicated cases is part of the company’s DNA.

Rick Smith received an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, after having been recognized as a distinguished research scholar at the State University of New York at Buffalo. From the last college he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering, and with such an array of impressive academic credentials, he embarked on a straight path of career advancements. As he progressed in the professional field, he also acquired more knowledge from the State University of New York at Brockport where he was given a Masters in Mathematics and another Masters in Business Administration from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. He is undoubtedly one of the best technicians and administrators in the telecom industry with several accomplishments in different aspects of management such as business operations and finance management, installation of IT systems, and company strategic structural reorganization. Read more articles at

Video Visitation Programs and Securus Technologies

What if you would no longer have to go to correction facilities to visit your loved ones? What if there could be a virtually managed communication visits? Imagine the efficiency that could be gained by removing actual video visits. It will create better convenience and communication between friends and family. It will also increase the focus of wardens to inmates thereby improving security. The Securus Video Visitation Technology has made all this possible.



Video visitation comes in the form a web-based system which allows friends and families of loved ones to schedule visits. Anyone connected to the inmate can plan a visit, be it their friends, families, visitors or attorney. The visitation program is conducted through a tablet, computer or smartphone. All that one needs is an internet connection, signing up for the visitation and scheduling the time of visit. The virtual visitation provides limitless opportunities for connections. Inmates can share annual events with their loved ones such as graduation, Christmas, Thanksgiving and even birthdays. Families have used the visitation to engage inmates in their daily lives. Fathers have watched cartoons with their children, played with them and assisted them with their homework. Studies have shown that enhancing family relationship this way reduces violence in correction facilities.


The Christmas holiday season is just the best time to use the video visitation program. Families can share happy days with their loved ones. Trying to enjoy the festive season without one person in the household makes the holiday sound incomplete. However, thanks to the video call program, families can join their members in prison and have a good time. They can finally make good memories together. Finally, fathers can open gifts with their child and wish them a Merry Christmas via the video call. Securus Technologies has managed to preserve the family bond during the Christmas season. Families have created memorable days.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a leading provider of inmate communication, government information management, and parolee tracking services. The company currently serves close to three thousand prisoners. It avails its services in Mexico, Canada, and the 45 states of the U.S. Securus has managed to foster more than one million connections between inmates and families across the globe. Securus is a real leader in providing innovative, comprehensive technical solutions and customer service. Securus has played a huge role in the provision of advanced technology in correction facilities. The company has its headquarters currently in Dallas, Texas.

Securus Technologies for the People

Securus Technologies is a highly regarded in successful information technology company based out of Dallas, Texas. The company’s success lies in the fact that it provides excellent customer service and products to a niche form of customer base. Incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system or the customers of choice for Securus Technologies. These customers are ones that other companies that the United States would normally not take into consideration when making products or offering Services, especially when you consider the fact that a lot of them are not being accepted as normal members of American society. Regardless of this security provides them the same level of support as other customers would in different companies. These include Communications Solutions and security packages, which seat to make inmate life more convenient and much more comfortable.


Securus offers multiple layers of support to its customers, including the ability to seamlessly communicate through video streaming technology. This particular product works over a WiFi signal.


Although Securus offers all of these humanitarian services to these individuals, GTA, another company that is involved in the Information Technology field, has recently accused Securus of operating under expired patent codes. The expiration of patents on products means that Securus no longer controls these items and that they can be freely used throughout the marketplace. This would be devastating to a company like Securus, who relies on its high-quality products to bring in capital gains. In order trying to figure out exactly where the issue lies, Securus, along with allies within third-party companies, has done their own research into the accusations and have found that they are baseless.