Qnet Limited and Sharp Corporation’s start a Joint Air Conditioner Business.

Qnet India, which is a franchise of Qnet Limited, has collaborated with Sharp Corporation to venture into a joint business of selling air conditioners. The two companies now have a co-branded air conditioner known as the Sharp-Qnet Plasma Cluster Air Purifier, and they intend to sell it via Qnet’s e-business system. Sharp’s headquarters are at Abeno-Ku, Osaka. It is, however, a multi-national corporation and its products are sold all over the world. The President of the Consumer Business Division of the Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited, Mr. Kishalay Ray, believes that the Qnet has a well-organized marketing strategy due the success in distributing its current products.

The Qnet consumer network will be crucial in the marketing and selling of the air purifiers since it has a large number of loyal customers. The representative of Qnet India stated that the two companies will greatly benefit from the joint venture. The air conditioner will be available on the list of safe products offered by the Qnet.

Qnet Limited one of the top companies in the direct selling and marketing sector. It is registered under the Direct Selling Association and therefore, all its products are of a high quality. Founded in 1998, Qnet has its headquarters in Hong Kong and two franchises in India and Turkey. Its products are distributed in various countries, which include Indonesia, Rwanda, Philippines, Ivory Coast, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia. The primary commodities that it offers are nutritional supplements, jewelry, weight management, home care and self-care goods. The founders of the enterprise were young entrepreneurs, who were devoted to making the living conditions of people better. Qnet gives back to the community and has participated in many development programs across the world.

Qnet’s strategy of selling products provides a convenient platform for its members to earn a living. One is required to have a small capital to start selling the company’s products as an independent representative. The independent agents create networks, and their earnings depend on the sales that they make. The company encourages people to lead vegetarian lifestyles. It demonstrates vegetarianism in all its products and services. Only vegetarian ingredients are used in the manufacture of the company’s consumable commodities.

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